Thire has not had a monarch on the throne for a generation. In that time the squables of petty knobles and upstart warlords have ground the peace and prosperity of the Northern Lands to a halt, leaving the seeds of famine in their wake. Knowledge, craftsmanship, technology, have all declined as the average person struggles to garner a means to living from a land once so fertile yet hard.

The climate is growing crueler, the winters seem to last longer, and the summer’s are not as bright. There are rumors of Tundra Orcs returning from the ice fields beyond the Wilds, to ride their mamoths over the settlements of the Boarderlands. In these times of growing fear and hunnger, man no longer trusts man, magic is banned in many places and trusted in none.

It is rumored that some have turned to the shadows of rituals and rites of old dark ways abandoned long ago in hopes of a change in fortune, caring little for the steep price to be paid. Paranoia and fear have taken hold of the Northern Realm, leading to the hunting for witches, warlocks, and cultists. And many say that an Age of Shadows is upon us.

Age of Shadows

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