Age of Shadows

Chapter 3. Battles in the Dark

As the party delves deeper into the lost vault of Tsathzar Rho danger lurks at every turn. Some cunning goblins caught nearly half the party in a net trap and then attacked those not under it. A fierce battle ensued and the party was able to fight them off. They then explored some of the far reaching caves and found an area where the goblins were training dire rats to use as guards and beasts of war. They dispatched the foul beasts through the use of magic and might.
After exploring some empty barracks the party encountered Slazzik Balefire and four of his elite guards. The guards tried softening the party up by rolling boulders down the tunnell at them, managing to wound Sarina and Rolim. The rest of the party rallied and pressed the attack, knocking out the elite guards. After regrouping, the battle was faught in Slazziks chambers. Out matched, he still threw everything he had at the party in the way of spells and a wand of magic missiles, and refused to give up, fighting to the death.
In searching Slazzik’s lair the party found a leather riding satchel containing two curious iteams: a broken, black-bladed long sword made from some dark, brittle metal and razor sharp. The druid Thtryd recognized it as a Blight Blade, forged in the fetid marshes of the The Great Swamp. The other iteam: a letter written in Runic Northtongue outlining some plot Slazzik was a part of, involving the cursed blades and signed by someone named Ruebald. Letter from Ruebald to Slazzik



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