Age of Shadows

Chapter 2. Caves of Corruption


In an effort to put an end to the goblin raids effecting Hadler’s Gap the adventuring party journeyed into the sinister caves. The caves teemed with vermin under the influence of some potent evil that turned them into psychotic predators who faught to the death. It was in one of these encounters that the adventurers felt their first real defeat with the loss of Vesryn the wizard to a crazed group of giant fire beetles. The fire beetles showed some alterations that have plagued all the denizens of the caves and and increasingly more of the surrounding countryside. After exploring a large cavern the party discovered a passage that lead deeper into the cave complex. Fortunately by this time they had recieved some renforcements in the form of a young wizard named Arcainen. The party faught with a couple groups of goblin guards that showed signs of the ever present corruption. They had rough, red patches of scales growing on their bodies, with elongated teeth and nails, and all wore a peculiar gold pendant crudely shaped in the form of a three-fingered hand. They paused shortly after crossing a subterranean river and battling more goblins.



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