Age of Shadows

Chapter 4. The Forsaken Grotto.

The party exited level one and entered level two of the Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho by rafting down a swift moving underground river that led to a dark, still lake deep underground. They dealt with a small party of goblins who stood guard on the lake shore. Poling around the lake the group found that the river continued into some deeper realm, but was impassable, and that the eastern and western shores opened into small grottoes rising sharply away from the water. They set down on the eastern shore and discovered that this area seemed un-occupied by living creatures. After a short investigation they found out why: they had entered the Forsaken Grotto, an area haunted by the undead remains of a group of bandits who once occupied this area of the caves. Thankfully, thier friend Stanley the half-orc barbarian had finished some of his sell-sword work and caught up with the party. The added muscle was quite helpfull. Though this area of unholy ground was un-nerving the party put six skeletons, two ghouls and a ghast to permenant rest.



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