Age of Shadows

Chapter 5. Entrance to the Vault

After the Forsaken Grotto the party pushed on across the underground lake minus two key members: Stanley and Rolim. It seems Stanley had contracted Filth Fever from an earlier battle with a giant rat and Rolim stayed behind to watch over him as he recovered.
The other four set out on the raft for the grotto on the western shore. As they approached they were attacked by four goblins with crossbows perched in a sniper’s nest located in a cave 10 feet off the water. Caught unaware, the party was mounting a fierce defense when out of the depths of the lake skeletal hands reached up across the raft to clutch at Thytrd and Oleadnder. The battle hung in the balance for a moment before Sarina cut down two of the skeletons and Arcainia jumpedinto the water to assist Thytrd. The party regrouped and proceded to pluck the goblin snipers from the ledge.
Upon reaching the shore they were greeted by a group of eight goblin guards. Arcania cut down their numbers with a sleep spell, while Oleander, Thytrd, and Sarina mopped up the rest. They located the guard room were all the snipers and welcoming party had originated from. Close behind this chamber was the lair of a Derro who laid in wait for the party. He shot Sarina with a vile poisonous bolt from his crossbow and then attacked with his spell like abilities and sword. He proved a tough foe, taking and giving his fair share of blows before falling, leaving the ranger in a weakened state as his poison runs its’ course.
Finally, there was a long sloping hallway out of the caverns and into Lost Vault, guarded by a group of 12 Goblin Ellite Guards. If it was their task to keep the party from reaching the vault at all costs, the Ellite Guards paid the price but still failed.
The party stands at the entrance to the fist chamber in Thathzar Rho’s vault, known as the Outer Fane. It serves as a temple to the goblins. Its flat, smooth floor and ceiling reflect light cast upon them. The walls are covered in frescoes that depict a bald human male in blue robes calling bolts of lightning down upon a castle, blotting out the sun with a monsterous black hand in the sky, and sundering a holy temple with a blast of scarlet energy. A fearsome dragon appears behind the wizard in each fresco, roaring with fury and triumph.



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