Age of Shadows

Chapter 1. The party forms at Hadler's Gap

An adventuring party was formed in the frontier hamlet of Hadler’s Gap to warn some of the outlying farms of the danger posed by a formerly peaceful clan of goblins and a marauding ogre. The party consists of Rolim, a half-elven locksmith(?), Thtryd a dwarven druid, Oleander the half-elven wander, Vesryn the elven story teller, and a half-elven ranger named Sarina.
The first day of their mission saw the party travel to the far reaches of Hadler’s Gap under cold dark skies. They encountered abandoned farms, suspicious and paranoid farmers, and at one farmhouse the signs of a violent pillaging. On the side of one of the partialy burned out residences was scrawled, “Tsathzar Rho will rise again!”
After securing one of the buildings for the night the party pressed on to the small farm of Kylar and Ossian, two retired adventurers who were friendly and helpful to the party. After providing the party with information about the location of the cave dwellings of the ogre and goblins, a couple of potions and breakfest, the party proceed to the caves located on a mountain among the Urkallan Hills.
Their first combat saw them defeating 4 goblin sentries before battling Logbrag the ogre at the entrance to the caves. Logbrag knocked two party members to the ground (Oleander and Rolim) with his vicious club before falling to the parties furious blows.



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