Age of Shadows

Chapter 5. Entrance to the Vault

After the Forsaken Grotto the party pushed on across the underground lake minus two key members: Stanley and Rolim. It seems Stanley had contracted Filth Fever from an earlier battle with a giant rat and Rolim stayed behind to watch over him as he recovered.
The other four set out on the raft for the grotto on the western shore. As they approached they were attacked by four goblins with crossbows perched in a sniper’s nest located in a cave 10 feet off the water. Caught unaware, the party was mounting a fierce defense when out of the depths of the lake skeletal hands reached up across the raft to clutch at Thytrd and Oleadnder. The battle hung in the balance for a moment before Sarina cut down two of the skeletons and Arcainia jumpedinto the water to assist Thytrd. The party regrouped and proceded to pluck the goblin snipers from the ledge.
Upon reaching the shore they were greeted by a group of eight goblin guards. Arcania cut down their numbers with a sleep spell, while Oleander, Thytrd, and Sarina mopped up the rest. They located the guard room were all the snipers and welcoming party had originated from. Close behind this chamber was the lair of a Derro who laid in wait for the party. He shot Sarina with a vile poisonous bolt from his crossbow and then attacked with his spell like abilities and sword. He proved a tough foe, taking and giving his fair share of blows before falling, leaving the ranger in a weakened state as his poison runs its’ course.
Finally, there was a long sloping hallway out of the caverns and into Lost Vault, guarded by a group of 12 Goblin Ellite Guards. If it was their task to keep the party from reaching the vault at all costs, the Ellite Guards paid the price but still failed.
The party stands at the entrance to the fist chamber in Thathzar Rho’s vault, known as the Outer Fane. It serves as a temple to the goblins. Its flat, smooth floor and ceiling reflect light cast upon them. The walls are covered in frescoes that depict a bald human male in blue robes calling bolts of lightning down upon a castle, blotting out the sun with a monsterous black hand in the sky, and sundering a holy temple with a blast of scarlet energy. A fearsome dragon appears behind the wizard in each fresco, roaring with fury and triumph.

Chapter 4. The Forsaken Grotto.

The party exited level one and entered level two of the Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho by rafting down a swift moving underground river that led to a dark, still lake deep underground. They dealt with a small party of goblins who stood guard on the lake shore. Poling around the lake the group found that the river continued into some deeper realm, but was impassable, and that the eastern and western shores opened into small grottoes rising sharply away from the water. They set down on the eastern shore and discovered that this area seemed un-occupied by living creatures. After a short investigation they found out why: they had entered the Forsaken Grotto, an area haunted by the undead remains of a group of bandits who once occupied this area of the caves. Thankfully, thier friend Stanley the half-orc barbarian had finished some of his sell-sword work and caught up with the party. The added muscle was quite helpfull. Though this area of unholy ground was un-nerving the party put six skeletons, two ghouls and a ghast to permenant rest.

Chapter 3. Battles in the Dark

As the party delves deeper into the lost vault of Tsathzar Rho danger lurks at every turn. Some cunning goblins caught nearly half the party in a net trap and then attacked those not under it. A fierce battle ensued and the party was able to fight them off. They then explored some of the far reaching caves and found an area where the goblins were training dire rats to use as guards and beasts of war. They dispatched the foul beasts through the use of magic and might.
After exploring some empty barracks the party encountered Slazzik Balefire and four of his elite guards. The guards tried softening the party up by rolling boulders down the tunnell at them, managing to wound Sarina and Rolim. The rest of the party rallied and pressed the attack, knocking out the elite guards. After regrouping, the battle was faught in Slazziks chambers. Out matched, he still threw everything he had at the party in the way of spells and a wand of magic missiles, and refused to give up, fighting to the death.
In searching Slazzik’s lair the party found a leather riding satchel containing two curious iteams: a broken, black-bladed long sword made from some dark, brittle metal and razor sharp. The druid Thtryd recognized it as a Blight Blade, forged in the fetid marshes of the The Great Swamp. The other iteam: a letter written in Runic Northtongue outlining some plot Slazzik was a part of, involving the cursed blades and signed by someone named Ruebald. Letter from Ruebald to Slazzik

Chapter 2. Caves of Corruption

In an effort to put an end to the goblin raids effecting Hadler’s Gap the adventuring party journeyed into the sinister caves. The caves teemed with vermin under the influence of some potent evil that turned them into psychotic predators who faught to the death. It was in one of these encounters that the adventurers felt their first real defeat with the loss of Vesryn the wizard to a crazed group of giant fire beetles. The fire beetles showed some alterations that have plagued all the denizens of the caves and and increasingly more of the surrounding countryside. After exploring a large cavern the party discovered a passage that lead deeper into the cave complex. Fortunately by this time they had recieved some renforcements in the form of a young wizard named Arcainen. The party faught with a couple groups of goblin guards that showed signs of the ever present corruption. They had rough, red patches of scales growing on their bodies, with elongated teeth and nails, and all wore a peculiar gold pendant crudely shaped in the form of a three-fingered hand. They paused shortly after crossing a subterranean river and battling more goblins.

Chapter 1. The party forms at Hadler's Gap

An adventuring party was formed in the frontier hamlet of Hadler’s Gap to warn some of the outlying farms of the danger posed by a formerly peaceful clan of goblins and a marauding ogre. The party consists of Rolim, a half-elven locksmith(?), Thtryd a dwarven druid, Oleander the half-elven wander, Vesryn the elven story teller, and a half-elven ranger named Sarina.
The first day of their mission saw the party travel to the far reaches of Hadler’s Gap under cold dark skies. They encountered abandoned farms, suspicious and paranoid farmers, and at one farmhouse the signs of a violent pillaging. On the side of one of the partialy burned out residences was scrawled, “Tsathzar Rho will rise again!”
After securing one of the buildings for the night the party pressed on to the small farm of Kylar and Ossian, two retired adventurers who were friendly and helpful to the party. After providing the party with information about the location of the cave dwellings of the ogre and goblins, a couple of potions and breakfest, the party proceed to the caves located on a mountain among the Urkallan Hills.
Their first combat saw them defeating 4 goblin sentries before battling Logbrag the ogre at the entrance to the caves. Logbrag knocked two party members to the ground (Oleander and Rolim) with his vicious club before falling to the parties furious blows.

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